Friday, August 12, 2011

Hash CaTASHtrophe

So this was my VERY failed attempt at making potato and sausage hash!  I'll admit my husband is the "King of the Hash" but I thought, Hey I'm a pretty darn good cook I can do this too!  Even still I did ask for advice from his majesty or a tip on his hash making magic but all he could give me was, "Uh I make it different every time!"
Gee thanks dear!
So I persevered and gave it a go!  Is it suppose to look like dog food you may ask, err I don't think so.  Well his hash doesn't look like this anyway.  So I ask Sweetness to give it a taste and his highness said, "I don't like it, your spices are weird."
Yah, I didn't use any spices, well salt and pepper but what's weird about that?
That's when an "aha" moment hit.  Swiftly I warmed up the Con Queso I made earlier today, dolloped it on and viola Hash Saved.  Ha ha well perhaps I shouldn't be so dramatic, it wasn't exactly saved but once you got past the strange texture I must say it tasted pretty darn good.
And we did decide the "weird spice" taste came from the fact that I didn't use the right kind of sausage.  I just used what we had on hand which happened to be Italian sausage; I really didn't think it would make that much of a difference.  So well I know better for the future that is if there is any Hash future in my cooking (we'll leave that up to Sweetness)

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