Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Visits with God

Last night as the twins and I were sharing our nightly devotional from Little Visits with God a flood of memory came back to me.
When my mom gave me this copy published in 1970 and asked if I remember her reading it to me I had to say that I honestly didn't remember.  I do remember doing devotionals but the last devotion book I remembered was Angel in My Attic.
Last night I was very pleasantly surprised.  The devotion was titled, "God Counts our Hairs"  I was about two sentences in when I remembered!  I remembered my mom reading this to me!  I remember how amazed I felt and it was the first time I felt in true awe of God.
As the story goes little Sally is worried about how God could possible take care of her among the many other children in the world.  How can he know where she is and what's happening to her?  Sally's daddy says, "He not only know you; He know how many hairs you have on your head."
As a little girl when my mom was reading this to me I decided I would count the hairs on my own head.  Not for a moment did my mom try to discourage my effort, but after maybe thirty hairs in a very teeny section of my head I realized there was no way.
So how can God do this I reasoned.  The devotion explains that God doesn't have to count each individual hair he just knows how many hairs we have without counting them.  It goes to show that "God knows Everything" means literally God knows everything!!!  I never really grasped the magnitude of this and not only was reading this devotion to my girls a great trip down memory lane but an perfect reminder of his awesomeness.

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