Friday, June 8, 2012

The Chicken Shack

I know I haven't mentioned this yet but we are taking on a new venture....Chickens. 
Okay so don't judge but the chickens have been living in our house.  NOT literally running around the house, eww gross, but in a large aquarium until they got bigger.
Well, when the twins came running through the house yelling, "a chicken is out a chicken is out" it finally came time to build their home.  They are getting big and stinky, and boy are they messy.

I've been checking out trying to learn more and more about our chickens.  From what I've learned I'm pretty sure they are Bantams, which for our purposes is not good.  We want eggs, lots and lots of eggs, and Bantams are not good egg layers.  From what I've read they're not good eating either, small and gammy.  So what are they good for? Showing.  Really??  I guess I could let the twins show one at the county fair but what a let down.  We may have to get a couple good egg laying hens.

So here are some pictures of two major amatures building the chicken coop.  We had only one small snafu when trying to stretch the chicken wire but once we got past that I think we did a pretty good job!  I'm proud of our coop!!

from firewood shelter, to Willy Jeep shelter, to The Chicken Shack

Tall enough for my husband to walk in

framing the door

wow that looks aweful

Keep pulling Eric but it's not helping

straightened out and getting staples

phew done with the chicken wire

adding a metal sheeting back to protect the chickens from the elements

Done just a few details but the chickens have their new home!

their ramp
Just a small disclaimer.  I realize all the pictures so my Sweetness working but I would like to say I worked too I just took all the pictures hence why you don't see me!!

Meet Our Chickens

Cute little girls holding cute little chicks, so much cuteness!


just a week old such a cutey

About 4 weeks old getting so pretty

7 weeks old.  Autumn is a rooster but he's so sweet we are hoping he keeps his sweet demeanor


By far our friendliest chicken

 Lady Gaga

Our shy baby


I think this is a hen, she's very busy and curious, so hard to get a picture of because she's always on the run


I've been told he's a Rosecomb Bantam rooster.  He's mean and bites a lot!