Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Valentine Flower Necklace

So I was making some Valentine's Day flower hair clips for the twins and I remembered this great necklace from The Sisters 4 say More is More:  Striped Tee Necklace 
and I thought how pretty would my flower look on this necklace!

So here you go!

I made two different flowers for the hair clips!

This is the first one.  I took a strip of fabric about 22 inches long by 3 inches wide and made a rose.  I twisted the fabric and basically made a pinwheel.  But I made it way too big and couldn't take it apart. So I had to cut the excess off and it made it kind of shabby, so I decided to try a different approach.

Here's my second one.  Ah much better!

For instructions on how to make the necklace go to The Sisters 4: click here.

To make the rose you will need:
3 lengths of fabric 22 inches long by 3 inches wide
glue gun

Begin by pulling the three strands so that the material curls up as described in the necklace tutorial.  Then line up the ends, move down about 3 inches and tie the three strands together tightly.  Braid the three strands stopping 3 inches from the end then knot again.  You should have a 2-3 inch tail on both ends.

Put a small amount of glue right on the know and fold the braid over onto the knot.

Wrap the braid around the knot adding glue as you go.

Put the glue right on the braid and simply roll it around

For the hair clip I wrapped the end knot under the flower then I cut a circle of fabric the same size of the flower and glued it to the bottom.  The feather is a 2 inch feather puff from a boa.
For the necklace I just glued the know right to the edge of the flower and trimmed the ends to about 2 inches and let them hang.

Here is the back of the flower.  See the 3 inch tail in the middle?  Seperate the strings, two on one side, one of the other.
 Lay your necklace on top of the flower.  The tail ends of the flower should go right below the knot on the necklace.
I decided not to glue or sew the flower on.  I wanted the option to remove it at a later time.
Alternatively you could also glue a clip to the back of the flower so it could double as a hair clup.

Tie the strands aroud the necklace very tightly, double knot.  The wrap the strands around the necklace and tuck the ends under.

I tied it so the hanging tail would be to the right of the necklace!

Hope you Enjoy!  Send me pictures of you creation!!!