Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chore Chart

So when is the right time to start chores?  The twins love helping me out and will often argue over who gets to do what, however, we struggle getting them to do the daily responsibilities they need to do.  They should be moving into a stage where mommy and daddy don't tell them everyday to do certain jobs.  So how do we remind them without actually telling them, how do we turn those "chores" into habits?  Well we chose to go with positive reinforcement and a visual reminder and I created a "chore chart"

I decided the most chores the girls need per day is 4.  3 of those chores are something they need to do daily; brush their teeth, make their beds, and pick up their toys.  I thought of two more chores that they can take turns on that they are old enough or capable of handling; sweep the kitchen floor, and feed their dog, Sparky.

Once they've mastered a chore and it becomes a habit then we will remove that from their chore list and add something new.  For example Idid not make "get dressed" a chore because they already know to do this.  They may not do it first thing every morning but they know it is something they have to do daily.

Since I wanted to make the chores interchangeable I created a chart that can easily be changed or updated!
Materials Needed:
Chore Charts
Daily Duty Page (Today I need to:)
4 Clothespins per child
Stickyback Velcro
Dry Erase Markers
Image and Words for each Chore
Laminating Machine

First I started to make a chore chart on a Microsoft Spreadsheet but as I was searching the internet for designs I like I came across this website!
I let the girls choose what character they wanted!
Kirby chose Cars and Lillian chose Tangled.

Next I found images I liked in Microsoft Office.  I put the words under the image stating the task.  I would have just used the words but since the twins can't read yet I decided to add images for them to understand.
I printed two sets, one I seperated the words from the picture and the other I kept the words under the pictures.

I cut all the pieces using my paper cutter, laminated them then hand cut rounding off the corners.

I glued the words and pictures that were seperated onto the clothspins.

I put the glue on the pin being careful to keep it on the wood part only.

Be mindful when adding your words so you don't glue them all on up-side-down like I did, doh!
The second set is for the actual chart.  I laminated the charts, then put the hook side of the Velcro on the spaces where you can write the daily chores.  I put the loop side of the Velcro on the back of the chore image.  I decided to use Velcro rather then glue them on so that the chores can be changed in the future as needed.

I decided to laminate the chart one for durability but also so it can be written on with a dry erase marker.  I thought about using star stickers for each day they complete their chore but then I'll be printing off a chart each week.  So on right side of the chart I put another hook part of the Velcro on the edge and I wrapped the dry erase marker in the loop side of the Velcro.  Kirby chose an orange marker and Lillian chose blue.

I made a "daily duty" page with both girls names on it.  In the morning their chores for the day will be on this page and when they complete that chore they can move it over to the matching image on their chore chart.  i made Lillian's name blue and Kirby's orange to match their markers.

Each girls got Brush your teeth, Make your bed, and Pick up toys.  The other two chores can be changed each week.  Lillian got Feed Sparky, and Kirby got Sweep the floor for this week.

I hung them on the wall using 3 M Command Removable Mounting Strips.  I used two strips per chart putting on in the middle and the other on the far right.  If you put it on the left they won't be able to add the clothepin because there won't be enough space to pull away from the wall.

So obviously when flipped over the strips will be on the left and in the middle.

I put them on a wall in our hallway which is next to the bathroom and their bedroom.  They are at their level so they can see what needs to be done and will be reminded every time they walk by.  With each chore they complete as they move it over to their chore chart a check will be made under that day of the week so at the end of the week we can track their progress.

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