Friday, May 4, 2012

Dinner Planner

What's for dinner?

I think this question gets asked every night in my house at least 4 times! 

Not only by my husband and the twins but often I ask myself this: What's for dinner?

Chaos and disorganization seems to have taken over our household lately and I am so done with!  So I'm taking back control and one of those ways is to plan out our weekly meal plan yet again.

When I plan our weeks meals, often I will plan meals that can be tweeked and multiplied.
I will plan one dinner: for example this week we had Chilli, then plan other meals off of that, for example on Thursday we had a Potato Bar and chilli was one of the choices of toppings!

So typically I make my meal list then flip over the paper and make my grocery list.  If I don't lose that piece of paper somewhere between shopping and unloading/putting away groceries, it gets put on the fridge, but even then the question still gets asked:  What's for Dinner?

So here's my solution to that!  I made this as my final craft project with my Eldon MOPS group!  It's really cheap and really easy!

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook paper
Letter stickers
Frame (we used 8X10 or 8.5X11)
Dry erase marker
Velcro with sticky backs
Embellishment (optional)

So it's really simple.  First you trip the scrapbook paper to fit inside your frame. 
Next, vertically on the actual paper add the letters for the days of the week.
Put the paper inside your frame and embellish the outside of the frame.
Add one side of the velcro to the top of the frame and the other to your marker.
And Voila!!   Dinner Planner!!

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