Thursday, May 10, 2012

Piggy Bank

I came up with this project when the twins and I were learning about the prodigal son.

It is also a great project for learning about circles, sorting by size, and line of symmetry

What you will need:

Mason jar and ring
Pink construction paper
googley eyes
black construction paper


First you need to trace a bunch of circles.
Using the ring from the mason jar trace two circles on the pink paper for the piggy's head and bottom.
Find a circle smaller then this and trace it five times on the pink paper for the snout, tail, feet, and ears. Draw one "line of symmetry" on three of these circles.
Find an even smaller circle and trace it twice onto the black paper for the nostrils
(oops forgot one medium circle but I added it later)

Give your child all the circles and allow her to sort them out.
Next assemble the pigs face
It's pretty self explanatory by the pictures.

Once the face is dry cut a slit under the snout for the pig's mouth large enough for a quarter to pass through.

On the lid of the mason jar you are only going to use the ring!
Apply a line of glue around the tip of the ring.

Add the face! 

Glue the remaining four circle halves to the sides of the jar for feet.

Glue the other large circle to the bottom of the jar for the bottom.

Cut the final medium sized circle into a spiral for the curly tail.  Only glue the middle of the circle to the bottom.


Piggy Bank!
You can "feed" your piggy coins through its mouth and later get them out by simply unscrewing the lid!!

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