Monday, August 29, 2011

God Gave Us You

During story time today we read, "God Gave Us You."
What a wonderful book. I read it a couple of times to prepare but I still couldn't hold back the tears when I read it to the girls.
I read it one time through with them showing them the pictures in the book. The second time I had a special surprise for them. I dug through our baby albums and found a bunch of our own pictures to tell our story. This time I laid the book in my lap and read it again. Rather then just read the words as written I followed the book but talked to the girls and showed them their photos. They loved it!. Lillian laughed at my last pregnancy photo and said, "Mommy you were huge!"
I also shared pictures of everyone who came to visit them in the hospital and the twins were surprised by how excited everyone was to meet them!
I have another surprise in store for them. I'm going to have a photobook made for them using a similiar story line as "God Gave Us You"

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