Friday, August 26, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes from The Mother Huddle

Fried Green Tomatoes...Yumalicious!
Mmm Mmm another great one from The Mother Huddle!
I'm so impatient for my tomatoes to ripen so when I saw this recipe on The Mother Huddle today I dove in head first!!!  Click here for the recipe:  Fried Green Tomatoes

I did alter the dipping sauce recipe though because I've been dying to use the Horseradish I bought at Weaver's Country Market!
2 T Catsup
2 T Mayonnaise
Chili Powder (probably about 1/4 t)
Horseradish (about 1/2 T)

Super yummy, kind of like a creamy cocktail sauce!

So while I was at it and I was making a mess anyway I thought hmm why not fry up some Sweet Vidalia Onion Rings too!!!

We also had a Ramen Noodle Salad which is my new obsession since trying our neighbors then trying another version from a MOPS friend!  It was great but I will be making some changes to make it uniquely mine!

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