Friday, August 12, 2011

Here we go again

Wow I didn't even know I had this blog lol. I started researching how to start a blog and when I clicked on this site this came up. Goes to show how the mind of a mommy of 5 month old twins works, you create something a don't even remember doing it!

Well the twins are almost 4 now! Craziness, pure craziness I tell you!

A lot has changed. I am now a stay at home mommy, yeah!!! I am in love with being home with my girls. This year we are doing at home preschool. I know I should call it home-school but they will go to public school once they reach Kindergarten.  We officially start school August 22.  I am using ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  An absolute jewel I discovered!  It is free online but I chose to purchase a curriculum handbook and two sets of worksheets.  I already have my first week of lesson plans written and the girls have their pencil boxes ready!  They're so anxious they go to our "preschool drawer" everyday and get out their pencil boxes and beg me to begin, "right now pleeeease mommy!"  I'm also super excited to start.  Yes I went to parochial school through 8'th grade but my biblical knowledge is still so pathetic compared to so many people.  I'm excited to read the Bible stories and learn along with the girls.  Plus what a privilege to share my enthusiasm and love for Christ with the girls through such a wonderful curriculum.

Hmm my days. Well as a part of the package of being a stay at home mom I am also learning a lot about crafting and home making...a lot. Oh did I forget to mention we went from suburban to country living? Well we now have a big veggie garden and are actually considering hogs and cows, pure craziness, really! We went from living a couple minutes from everything, groceries, doctors, gas stations, yadda yadda, to living 15 miles from the closest town. I never think 15 miles is really all that far until a friend visits or I'm short one ingredient then I realize geez that's pretty darn inconvenient.

So I've decided since the girls are starting pre-school and formal learning, can't deny they have learned soooo much just interacting with the world, I too am going to embark on a journey of learning. One thing will be a joint effort with the girls. We bought the book Little Keepers at Home, and believe you me there's aplenty I'm suppose to "teach" the girls that I've never done on my own. So along their journey through the Keeper's Club we will be learning together!

So my first task that I am bound and determined to accomplish is to come up with an all natural recipe for Red Velvet Cake! No it doesn't have to be red but I think it would be fun it if is! So if you know me at all you know I can be a bit of a perfectionist but I am going to work really hard at posting not only my triumphs but also my flops.

Any advice or "secret insider tricks" on how to make my blog better will be gladly welcome. Don't worry this is one of those things I can be thick skinned about so I'm not concerned about hurt feelings lol!

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