Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slaw? eeck Well I'll try a little... Recipe Roundup

Call it being a good example, or open minded, or just not wanting to be rude.  But yes I did it, I tried slaw.
As you may have already guessed, no, I am not a fan of slaw.  There's only one place in my mind for slaw, only one place I've ever liked it, and that is the BBQ Chuck at Chuck-A-Burger in St. Louis, Missouri.  But that didn't come til later.  In fact on the many occasions we found ourselves at Chuck-A-Burger throughout my childhood I don't think I ever tried it, even once.  That was back in the day when my brother and I didn't think twice about walking down there on a Friday night for one of the big car shows dancing to the beats of Sh-Boom.  Sitting on the wall next to St. Charles Rock Road slurping down a milkshake!  Or enjoying a big plate of french toast with the Lang Gang Sunday mornings after church.
But this isn't about Chuck-A-Burger this is about slaw.  The cold, crunchy, tangy, sliminess that I just can't get past.  So what was I to do when at a birthday party for our neighbor Rich last night I was confronted with a big giant bowl of slaw and Phyllis trying to encourage my Kirby to try some. She only wanted to eat a hot dog despite the table practically toppling over with foods.  Yet my plate too, at that point, only had a hot dog.  I told Kirby, "Let's just put a taste of it on your plate and if you like it we can come back and get more."
But she refused.  So in my effort to be a good example and an attempt to not be rude and not try any of the homemade slaw I slopped some on my plate.
Well we sat our plates down, got drinks, waited for everyone to get settled and then it was time.  Time to try it, time to take a bite. Wait, what happened? Is this even possible? Could it be?  I liked it!  I actually liked it!  This was nothing like that cold tangy goo you buy in a tub at the grocery store.  This was delicious! 
Come to find out this slaw was made from broccoli slaw.  I've never even heard of broccoli slaw.  It also had sunflower seeds and ramen noodles.  The dressing was just right and the crunchiness of it was actually good.
Perhaps it the fact that it was fresh and handmade.  Perhaps it was the light and not overpowering amount of dressing or perhaps it was the lack of raw cabbage.  
Who knows but it got me thinking.  I would like to try other homemade slaws.  Do you have a favorite slaw recipe?  If so share it here!  Over the next few weeks, before summer is over, I will try several slaw recipes and next summer at the various summer potlucks we get invited to or host I will bring my favorite ones or just make it a point to make homemade slaw for my family whenever Sweetness fires up the grill.

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