Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spatial Relations

This week in preschool for math the twins are learning about Spatial Relations.
Above, Below. Near, Far. Up, Down. High, Low

For fun we decided to play Simon Says.  Lol that was a joke....they don't get it.  So that's okay we just played Do what I do.

This was on day one: 
The girls chose a marker or pencil to play the game with.  I told them silly places to put their marker or pencil using the spatial relation words.

They didn't exactly know all the concepts but they picked up on them very fast, and I learned something valuable.

Put it below your chin!

Near my ear!

Far from me
(love the princess clothes?)

When you tell the kids point the marker down, they put it on the floor; point the marker up, they put it high in the air.
Soooo I made it a point to teach them that up doesn't mean high and down doesn't mean low.  I will have to watch what I say because it is so tempting to say "Put it up high"  However, this does confuse them.  We are working on this concept and I model it by making sure I add the work "point" and showing them.  When I say, "Point the marker up," I just hold it in front of me and point the writing end up.  At first they hold it high in the air but as long as I don't say anything or move onto the next concept they will see me and adjust.

So on day two I will let the girls be the leader and come up with silly places and on day three I have a print off called Little Mouse Little Mouse that is actually intended to teach color concepts.  He came from Ms. Kim our PAT coordinator and he came with different color houses.  You are suppose to hide Little Mouse behind on of the houses and the children get to guess which color house he is hiding behind.  Instead I will direct the twins to put the mouse above to pink house, or below the blue house, or to point the green house up and the yellow house down, or to put the mouse near the yellow house or far from the purple house.

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