Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heidi speaks to my heart

So if you haven't done so yet you have to check out this blog:  Our Out-of-Sync Life!  I really believe that God put Heidi and her blog in my life.  It all started with my search for a pre-school curriculum.  Heidi is the creator of ABC Jesus Loves Me.  It's a wonderful curriculum that I am very happy with, very easy to follow and thorough.  Not only does it teach the basic preschool concepts but it also inlcudes bible lessons.  and although I went to a private christian school trough eigth grade I too am learning so much about God and the bible.

So anyway to get back to the point.  Our Out-of-Sync Life  is a blog also written by Heidi.  This is how I know God led me to her.  She also has a "sensory sensitive" child.  I have learned so many great tips from this blog that has not only helped me with my sweet girl and her sensory issues but both girls.  and it's not only about sensory disorder.  She covers many topics from crafts, to recipes, to preschool, to living a Godly life, she speaks to my heart.  So her latest post is New Year New You.  It is actually a series of blogs she will be writing.  I love how she explains that "God made us beautiful and that we can feel good about ourselves and how we look and as a Christian it is okay."  So it is okay to try to make yourself look and feel better.  Right now she has a giveaway:  Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman.  She has read the book and gives it a raving review.  Head on over to Our Out-of-Sync Life for a chance to win a copy of this book.  I am entering for a chance to win too!  and actually she gives it such a great review that if I don't win I may just look into buying a copy for myself!

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  1. I am humbled. Praise God that you have been blessed and encouraged by this cracked pot! Love when God takes are brokenness and further His Kingdom.