Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sisters Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

Kirby is teaching Lillian how to make toast! I love the relationship they are forming!
I hope and pray they can grow close together and be best friends.  Growing up I always wished I had a sister.  I didn't get my sister until I was away in college and while she is not literally my sister by birth I have thought of her and considered her my little sister for years now.  I remember the first time I used the word sister for Sami.  The twins were born and she was visiting us at the hospital with my parents.  A nurse asked who everyone was and I said this is my mom Karen, and dad Al and this is my Sami.  The nurse looked at me and said and Sami is.  I said Sami is well, she's like my, um well Sami is my sister.  and Sami shook her head in agreement and from then on I have never thought of her differently.  I am so proud of the young woman she has become.  She is so resolute and confident, and such a hard worker.  I look forward to watching her grow and change now that she is moving into her adult years.

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