Sunday, December 4, 2011

Such a let down

I feel so bad for all the I have let down.  I feel like I haven't lived up to the expectations I set out for myself.  I think perhaps I bit off a bit more then I could chew and so now that I've had a chance to re-group I hope I can do what I want with this blog.  That and multiple computer issues and internet problems have kept me away.
Originally the point in this blog was to write about what the girls and I were doing with pre-school.  But we got so behind in pre-school that I stopped writing about it altogether.  We are finally getting caught up and just in time in my opinion.  I wanted to be back on track for Advent so we would be up to date with our bible stories. 
I love this time of year.  I hope to keep up with things a bit better but if nothing else at least keep up with pre-school.  As a teacher and a stay at home mom I owe that to my girls.  My goal with my blog is to use it as a sort of diary.  I want to document what we are doing in preschool as much as I can but also have a place to share our adventures.
and what a time we've had lately.  So much to catch up on and so little time to do it.
I think compared to last year I am so behind on everything right now.  This time last year the decorations were up, the cookies baked, and all presents started on.  This year I haven't even decided what I am going to make for presents this year.  The house is scarcely sad. and we are just starting on the cookies.
But I must say I have an excuse, har har har.  We have a minor construction project going on.  We are building a wall in our kitchen.  Our kitchen opens to the basement and therefor our energy bills suck us dry.  So we are putting up the wall to close off the basement and save on heating this winter.  Our furnace went out last year and, no, we have not replaced it.  Just seriously cannot afford a furnace.  So we sold a truck and can afford to build a wall.  We will install our baseboard heater on the new wall, and between that and our fireplace try to stay warm even if it means sleeping in the living room, lol, I doubt we'll have to actually resort to that but I'd be lying if I said we hadn't thought about it.
So for now I will leave you at this and just hope and pray there is a way I can keep up with all my goals. 

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